Summer Camps at Camp Mohaven

What's New?

"To introduce kids to Jesus through nature, relationships, and memories that last a lifetime."

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Hello Campers!  We are SUPER excited for summer camp and we hope you are too.  Camp Mohaven is the absolute BEST place to be this summer!  With a large variety of activities, great food, awesome friends, inspiring worships, and twinkling stars overhead, you can just imagine GOD smiling down on you.  This summer we are continuing our "Tribal games", ski day, and canoe trips, as well as adding a few things you will LOVE!   Classes like "Outdoor Photography" and "Outdoor Adventure", as well as our "Mangy Mud Run" are guaranteed to be the highlight of your summer.  Come make new friends, enjoy the outdoors, and fall in love with Jesus... come to CAMP MOHAVEN!

Upcoming Events

September 12 to September 13: Family Experience
September 24 to September 27: Ohio Camporee
November 14: Pinewood Derby
November 20 to November 22: Bible Camp

Pastor Edward's Schedule

September 5 - Preaching at Westlake Adventist Church
September 19 - Youth Speaker-Spanish Camp Meeting-Camp Mohaven
October 31 - Preaching at Walk of Faith
November 14 - Preaching at Toledo
December 12 - Preaching at Lakewood