High School

What's New?

"To mentor our youth in their walk with Jesus, and train them for service in His kingdom."

There is nothing in the world like working with youth!  High school students are fun, changing, questioning, seeking, and in a great place in life to figure out what they're going to do with Jesus for themselves.  We want to be a part of their journey and to mentor them as they make decisions that will impact them for eternity!  Our focus is to provide Jesus centered leaders, curriculum, events, and training that help our high schoolers fall in love with Him. This is provided through small groups, Bible studies, mission trips, youth rallies, Sabbath school, vespers, outreach opportunities, and any other way we can think of. Anything that connects them with Jesus, we want to be a part of!



Upcoming Events

November 10: Pinewood Derby
August 12 to August 17: Oshkosh Camporee