Lesile Franke Heart of Service Award

The “Leslie Franke Heart of Service Award" was developed in honor of the memory of Leslie Franke- a man who truly lived a life of service.  Leslie volunteered countless hours in his church, his community, Pathfinder Ministry, and around the world.  Each year this award will be presented to one pathfinder club who makes significant contributions to their community through their time, actions, talents and dedication.  The club that is selected should serve as a role model for compassion, and service and be striving to make their community a better place. The club should demonstrate a passion for helping others in their community.


Any active/Chartered Pathfinder club in the Ohio Conference.


Clubs being considered for this award will have consistently demonstrated qualities of compassion, and service to their community.  The charitable activities / events or service listed on the application cannot be part of a project involving their church but rather the community the church serves.  The project/activity should be planned completely by the pathfinders and should involve at least 80% participation of the active club membership. 

Judging Criteria

  • The degree to which their services/ actions have made a lasting or meaningful contribution or impact on their community  - 50%
  • The length and degree of their service(s) – 15%
  • Planned entirely by Pathfinders - 10%
  • Percentage of Pathfinder participation - 25%
  • Bonus points if project is featured in a local paper or other form of media – 5% (Visitor/Faithpoints/any church/conference based media will not qualify


  • Complete Online Application Form
  • Submit 3 minute video demonstrating planning process and project execution by March 31 each year
  • Creatively present project at the fair thru a poster board, media presentation etc in a way that will inspire others to serve their community.  Needs to on display throughout the weekend.


The Leslie Franke Heart of Service Award will be presented each year at the Fair in May.