Family Camp - for all ages


Family Camp is for families and children of all ages!

What better way to spend time with your family than at Mohaven? Bond over all of our camp activities while participating in morning and evening worships and connecting with Jesus! During Family Camp, you will have the opportunity to sign up for various activities either separately or as a group. Couples also have the opportunity to spend time together while kids are in childcare. There are fun family activities every night such as game night, campfires with s’mores, a family scavenger hunt, the Mohaven Barn Party, and night zip line! One of the big highlights of the week is our Family Relays, where families make special t-shirts and have a friendly competition against each other made up of some fun all-family games. We start and end each day with engaging worships led by our staff as well as a visiting pastor. This is a great experience to share as a family or a way to test your kids out for our regular camps!

Cabin (up to 10 persons) $150 plus $50 per person ages 3 and up.

Oak Lodge (4 persons) $200 plus $50 per person ages 3 and up.

Tent - $50 plus $50 per person ages 3 and up.

RV - $50 plus $50 per person ages 3 and up.

Hint: If you're interested in saving money, bring more people with you!  Your cabin costs the same ($150) no matter how many are there... it's only an extra $50 per person (up to 10 people).  Children under age 3 get to attend for free!

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